Escape the slush-pile,
automate your publishing business and
free yourself to follow your writing dream

Sell more books with less effort - even if you suck at marketing!

What if I told you succeeding as author
isn't as hard as you think?

You would probably think I was crazy.

Or full of sh*t.

I know how it goes. The conventional wisdom says to be a successful author, you:

  1. Publish a book
  2. Market the heck out of the book
  3. Repeat

But that's not what usually happens, is it? What happens is you:

  1. Publish a book
  2. Market the heck out of the book
  3. Nothing happens
  4. Repeat until you go insane or quit.

This is considered normal.

But, it doesn't have to be this way.

The reason why you can still fail, despite having a million followers, posting until your fingers bleed and marketing until you weep, is simple:

Nobody cares.

This is not miserable, or negative - it's a fact.

Think about it - you are one voice in the thousand a potential reader will hear today, and if they don't know you and trust you, the chances of them caring about what you have to say is near zero.

Once you understand that success as an author is not about selling books today, but about creating a system that builds trust over the long-term, a successful career as an author becomes much easier.

So, you can call me crazy or full of sh*t, but this little nugget of wisdom freed me from a corporate job inside three years with almost no social media presence and no paid advertising.

I am nobody special - I worked this out part by accident, part by design - but I did work it out, and it's the underlying principles of my (almost) automated self-publishing system I want to teach you.

Introducing the Indie Publishing Machine

Being a teacher at heart, I put all of the principles and practices I have learned over the last few years into the course:

  • Build a successful career as an author without driving yourself insane trying to keep up with the latest marketing craze.

  • Discover the 20% of activities that bring you 80% of your success.
  • Put these high-value activities into practice and free yourself to do what you love - write.

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Here’s what other authors are saying about the course

Kathy K

Smashes numerous myths

The course smashes numerous myths about independent publishing and gives you heaps of practical tips

Renee Graham

I'm confident this course is going to change my life

Yolanda French

Provides a wealth of information for writers

 If you want to discover how to find your tribe, build relationships and sell your books online, then this course will teach you how to do exactly that.

What’s in the course

The course is structured into three modules, each containing a mix of HD video lessons and text lessons.


Module 1: Introduction to Indie Publishing

The first module of the course defines what indie publishing is, and how it is the new-normal of publishing.

You will come away with a clear understanding of why indie publishing is now the primary vehicle for becoming a successful author.


Module 2: Your Indie Publishing Business

Module 2 prepares you for success as an author. It:

  • Busts the four self-publishing myths that hold authors back
  • Teaches you the five mindsets needed to succeed as an indie author; and
  • Explains the so-simple-you-will-kick-yourself secret to successful book marketing


Module 3: Your Indie Publishing Machine

The final module is the meat and potatoes of your indie publishing empire. It teaches you step by step exactly how to set up the four essential parts of your Indie Publishing Machine:

  1. Outreach content
  2. Publishing your books on Amazon
  3. A professional author website; and
  4. A mailing list


Your enrollment comes with 3 great bonuses!

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Sometimes, it's easier to print things out.

Every student who enrolls in the course will receive a complementary copy of the 120 page PDF workbook (valued at $24.99).

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If you are enrolled in the course, and send me an email during office hours*, I will do my very best to answer your questions personally that day, or early the next morning.

I charge authors $180 an hour for one-on-one consults, but I am offering this for free as a part of your enrollment.

*Office hours are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday AET.

Bonus 3
Private Facebook Group

All course participants are invited to join my private Facebook group to share their writing journey with other students, ask questions, meet like-minded authors and make new friends.

(value - priceless!)

About The Course Teacher, Nigel George

I love how this bit is usually written in third person when we all know it's the author who wrote it.

So, after several attempts to sound smarter than he really is by writing about himself in the third person, Nige gave up and decided to write like he was chatting to a new friend.

Hi, I'm Nige. Nice to meet you.

I'm closer to 50 than I'd like. I live on the east coast of Australia.  I have an awesome wife, two boys that have grown into magnificent men and three granddaughters I spoil outrageously.

I could tell you I've made a bazillion dollars using my super-secret-ninja-book-marketing formula, but that would be lying. I do, however, make a comfortable living doing what I love, I don't answer to anyone (except the wife), and I genuinely want you to succeed because the thought of a fellow creative person dying with their music still in them makes me want to cry.

Self Publishing Success - Nigel George

Julia Brougham

Friendly and straight to the point

Nigel's manner and presentation is friendly and straight to the point, sharing his own lived experience and encouraging others to do the same.

Kathy K

Great sense of humor, energy and optimism

The course was easy to understand even for a non-techies like me and Nigel delivered it with a great sense of humor, energy and optimism.

Nicole Sellers

Will motivate you for indie publishing success!

Nigel uses his experience to relay a wealth of information in a thorough, yet simple way. His course will motivate you for Indie Publishing success!

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  • Lifetime Access
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  • FREE PDF Workbook ($24.99 value)
  • Private Facebook Group Membership
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Yep, that's right - try the course for a whole year. Put it to work in your writing career and implement your own Indie Publishing Machine, and if you're still not happy, just let me know inside the first 12 months and I will refund you 100% of your purchase price.

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full course



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • FREE PDF Workbook ($24.99 value)
  • Private Facebook Group Membership
  • Try for 1 year, 100% risk free