Self Publishing Course

Build a successful writing career today

  • Have you heard about self publishing, but not sure it’s your thing?
  • Does self publishing sound like too much hard work to you?
  • Have you self published and experienced poor sales, despite endless hours banging away at social media building a following?
  • Do you want to self publish, but are confused by the multitude of options and exhausted by the seemingly hundreds of steps needed to get a book to market?

I know how you feel. Not so long ago I was exactly where you are now. In fact, I've learned ALL successful independent authors have experienced some or all of these feelings at some stage in their career.

I will let you in on a secret: becoming a successful independent author is not hard. What’s hard is sorting through all the rubbish advice online and extracting what actually works for writers.

If you have the wherewithal to complete a major work, polish it and present it to the world, you have what it takes to be successful at self publishing.

This course has been created explicitly to help you filter out the noise, dump the stress and set up your self publishing business so you can concentrate on your writing.

About the Course

This course helps authors learn how to self publish their books so they can make a living from their writing.

The course is broken up into four modules:

  • In Module 1, I bust the four self publishing myths that are holding you back from building a successful career as an independent author
  • In Module 2, I teach you the 5 mindsets common to successful independent authors.
  • In Module 3, I tackle the most painful part of self publishing - book marketing. I show you how to filter out the bad advice and concentrate on what works for authors so you can concentrate on your writing. I teach you:
    • Your #1 marketing tool as a writer (HINT: you already own it)
    • The truth about social media marketing
    • How to increase the reach and effectiveness of your book marketing
    • How to automate much of the marketing process
  • And finally, in Module 4, I show you step by step, and in easy to understand language, how to set up your online indie publishing business. I teach you how to:
    • Publish your books on Amazon and other online bookstores
    • Create and manage your author website
    • Create a mailing list of your fans
    • Find help when you need it.

If you're an Australian author, I also have a bonus module for you with tips and trick for succeeding in an international market.

What Other Students Have Said

Nigel packed an enormous amount of useful information into the course. Not only that he smashed numerous myths about independent publishing and gave us heaps of practical tips based on his broad experience. The course was all easy to understand even for a non-techies like me and he did it with a great sense of humour, energy and optimism.

Kathy K

The course gives you a reason to write more, and a way of getting your work it into the market place; takes away the mystery and gives you the tools to make income from it. Nigel's manner and presentation is friendly and straight to the point, sharing his own lived experience and encouraging others to do the same.

Julia Brougham

I'm confident the content of this course is going to change my life.

Renee Graham

The course provides a wealth of information about why indie publishing is a worthwhile avenue for writers. If you want to discover how to find your tribe, build relationships and sell your books online, then this course will teach you how to do exactly that. Created by a trainer/teacher with technical expertise, and based on his personal experience publishing his own books, the course offers participants a thorough overview of all the moving parts you need to understand to publish your work online. 

Yolanda French

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The complete course will be released in March 2019.

To get in early, you can join the course waiting list.

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  • Is the course for fiction or non-fiction authors? Both. The techniques you learn work for fiction and non-fiction.
  • What if I don't have a book finished? That's OK. While it's better to have a book or books ready to publish, the course will help you set up your publishing business so you attract interested readers even before you publish your first book.
  • Is there a guarantee? Yes, there will be a full money-back guarantee on the course when it's released.
  • How much will the course cost? The introductory price will be $47 (US Dollars). I have not set the final price.
  • How long will the introductory price last? My aim is to help as many authors as possible succeed with their writing. I will keep the introductory pricing as long as it takes me to feel confident that the course is the best it can be.