Launch Your Self Publishing Career

This site is about building a successful career as a writer by self publishing your books, but first, let me tell you a story about a boy. A boy who wanted to be a writer.

The boy was born into a world where computers were as big as houses, a smart phone was what Max had in his shoe and social media was Russian TV.

"Self publishing" was akin to stepping in dog poo.

“You can’t be a writer," everyone said. “Writers are poor. You need to get a real job.”

So the boy did. And he did well at it. But the desire to write never left him. In fact, looking back, he'd spent his career writing - just disguised as computer programs, teaching, writing business manuals and creating websites for fun and profit.

One day, the boy decided enough was enough. Some might call it a mid-life crisis - the boy preferred to think of it as that point where anyone, regardless of their age, says, “You know what? I’m not putting up with this crap any more.”

So he wrote a book. A very bad book.

So he wrote another book. And sold it to a traditional publisher. Now, you might think that’s the end of the story. A happy ending indeed!

But it wasn’t.

See, in all those intervening years, the boy had become a fair corporate manager and entrepreneur, so he knew how business worked. Once the euphoria had worn off and he had a good look at what he’d signed up for, he realized that this was no dream come true. "I'm getting screwed," he cried, "I can never make a living this way!"

So he wrote another book, self publishing it and sold it directly to his readers.

Two years later, the boy quit his corporate job and became a full-time writer.

Hi, I’m Nigel George. 

But you can call me Nige – everyone else does.

I’m sure you’ve recognized the autobiographical nature of the story of the boy. Many of you will be able to relate to at least the first part of the story.

As writers, we often forget that we are on our own hero’s journey. Our paths might be different, with our own trials and tribulations, but we share a common goal – the desire to live our lives as the artist and creator we know in our hearts we are.

It’s in the common framework of the hero’s journey that there are parallels where we can relate. I for one, refused the call to adventure for close to two decades because I thought I had no chance of success.

I have since learned just how wrong I was – self publishing success is very much achievable...IF you understand what’s changed in the book publishing world AND how to benefit from those changes.

Self Publishing Success - Nigel George

You can Succeed at Self Publishing

In 2018, shortly after I quit the corporate world to write full time, I was asked to teach self publishing to a group of authors at my local writer’s center. I was more than happy to oblige and created a simple workshop that outlined the self publishing tools and techniques I used to get to where I am.

The feedback from the group was amazing to say the least. My students hadn’t seen anything like it before:

  • The “gurus” were teaching marketing, I was teaching business fundamentals for authors.
  • My students were posting and tweeting themselves into exhaustion and I freed myself from the treadmill with no Instagram, no Pinterest, not a single tweet and very few Facebook posts.
  • They felt they had no time to write, I wrote and self published three books while still working full time.
  • They were launching to crickets, I launched at #1 in my categories on Amazon.

Without intending to, I had bypassed 99% of the crap online and created a self publishing model that authors genuinely believed could work for them.

The only complaint the authors had was that there was no time to fully detail the business principles and the technical ‘how to’ of my self publishing system. What authors really needed was a complete course that helped them set up their own automated self publishing system that freed them to do what they loved to do – write.

So I created the Indie Publishing Machine.

Have I completed my own hero’s journey? Not even close. Some days I feel like I’m still floundering in the dark in that whale’s belly, but most times I feel like I am facing the challenges of the road just like every other author.

What I do hope is that you can accept me as your first mentor – the one that helps you get on your way towards the life you want – the life of a successful author.